Accepted Papers

Technical Papers

  • How to Manage Affective State in Child-Robot Tutoring Interactions?
    Thorsten Schooled, Laura Hoffmann, and Stefan Kopp
  • Neurobiological Fundamentals of Strategy Change – A Core Competence of a Companion System
    Andreas Schulz, Marie Woldeit, Marcel Brosch, and Frank Ohl
  • Accelerating Manual Annotation of Filled Pauses by Automatic Pre-Selection
    Olga Egorow, Alicia Lotz, Ingo Siegert, Ronald Böck, Julia Krüger, and Andreas Wendemuth
  • Help Me Make a Dinner! Challenges When Assisting Humans in Action Planning
    Gregor Behnke, Benedikt Leichtmann, Pascal Bercher, Daniel Höller, Verena Nitsch, Martin Baumann, and Susanne Biundo
  • Preliminary Classification of Cognitive Load States in a Human Machine Interaction Scenario
    Andreas Oschlies-Strobel, Sascha Gruss, Lucia Jerg-Bretzke, Steffen Walter, and Dilana Hazer-Rau
  • Pupil-Assisted Target Selection (PATS): State of the Art and Future Prospects
    Christoph Strauch, Jan Ehlers, and Anke Huckauf
  • Inferring User’s Search Activity Using Interaction Logs and Gaze Data
    Johannes Schwerdt, Michael Kotzyba, and Andreas Nuernberger
  • Multimodal Fusion including Camera Photoplethysmography for Pain Recognition
    Viktor Kessler, Patrick Thiam, Mohammadreza Amirian, and Friedhelm Schwenker
  • SLOTH – The Interactive Workout Planner
    Gregor Behnke, Florian Nielsen, Marvin Schiller, Pascal Bercher, Matthias Kraus, Birte Glimm, Wolfgang Minker, and Susanne Biundo

Position Papers

  • Stereotyped Gesture Recognition: An Analysis between HMM and SVM
    Marcos Yuzuru Camada, Jés Cerqueira, and Antonio Marcu Lima
  • Possible Applications of Companion Systems in Psychotherapy – Perspectives on a New Technology
    Steffen Walter, Andreas Oschlies-Strobel, Matthias Haase, Harald Traue, Kerstin Limbrecht-Ecklundt, and Lucia Jerg-Bretzke
  • Dialogues with IoT Companions: Enabling human interaction with intelligent service items
    Kristiina Jokinen, Satoshi Nishimura, Ken Fukuda, and Takuichi Nishimura
  • Embedding of the Personalized Sentiment Engine PERSEUS in an Artificial Companion
    Siwen Guo and Christoph Schommer
  • Adaptive Dynamic Network Architectures for Companion Systems
    Christian Jarvers and Heiko Neumann
  • Adaptive Mobile Behavior Change Intervention Using Reinforcement Learning
    Lihua Cai, Congyu Wu, Kiana J. Meimandi, and Matthew S. Gerber
  • Requirements for a Companion System to Support Identifying Irrelevancy
    Michael Siebers, Kyra Göbel, Cornelia Niessen, and Ute Schmid
  • A Paradigm for Coupling Procedural and Conceptual Knowledge in Companion Systems
    Marvin Schiller, Gregor Behnke, Mario Schmautz, Pascal Bercher, Matthias Kraus, Michael Dorna, Wolfgang Minker, Birte Glimm, and Susanne Biundo